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VOZWIN 1000 Professional Inspector UAV

  • One of our smaller drones, this UAV is a triple threat. Its size allows it to be used when you need to get up close. Designed for performance and comes with a stationary HD camera as a standard feature. Engineered to be nimble so you can maneuver in, out and around tight spaces. Great for home inspection, roof inspection, cleaning solar panels, wind turbine inspection and anything else may need to get on a ladder to go look at. This model can be customized if the standard features do not suit your needs.

    Comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and labour. (Option: increase warranty to 2 years for an added 500$, or to 3 Years for $800 or 5 years for $1,000)

    Selling price will be $1,500

    Add T-Motor 350 motors and efficiency blades for an additional 225$

  • The VOZWIN 1000 Pro UAV was born from the racing technology. It combines the speed and accuracy to get into tight corners and to evaluate a standard cottage home. This model is compact that it can fit into a backpack.


    VOZWIN 1000 UAV Carbon Fiber Frame
    HD Camera
    Controller and Receiver
    High stability flight gyro and control system
    X4 4s Battery

    Built and tested

    Note: This model is made to order, everything will be assembled, upgraded and tested before disassembly and shipping. All products built by us comes with an owner manual and maintenance schedule.

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